Weaving Club

Have you discovered weaving yet? Whether you have yet to try this amazing craft, have just begun to explore different techniques or are a fully fledged weaving fan, this club is for you.

Each month a box of lovely hand dyed yarn will arrive on your doorstep, ready for you to start weaving! The box will contain several different weights and colours of yarn, around a theme, for you to create your own weave. Each month new techniques or ideas will be introduced allowing you to add more variety and skill to each weave as the year progresses. The yarn in each box will be enough to complete two flat weaves or one more textured, bigger wall hanging, with plenty of spare yarn for you to build a stash of different yarns for new weaving projects. Boxes will also contain extra gifts to fit your theme to add to your weaving or just for you to enjoy.

For your first box you can choose to add a handmade wooden loom, as pictured. Although any loom can be used, this small lap loom is the size I will be using for all my example pieces, and the kind I have used for several years with my children. They are easy to use, lightweight, portable looms that are perfect for beginners. The loom are available for £9.95 , or add one to your first box for £8

Weaving club costs £12 per month.

Payments are monthly in instalments, you will be invoiced via paypal. Weaving boxes will be posted in the middle of the month, starting from June.

Thank you for joining me in this lovely weaving club – lets get our weave on!

Any questions please just ask me via my facebook page or at devonsunyarns@yahoo.co.uk