Yarn Dye


Yarn Dye. Available in a range of colours for dyeing yarn at home. Colourfast, will stain.

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Complete the look

Do you need more dye, or just want to expand on your collection of colours? Now you can make a full spectrum, adding to the primary colours of red, yellow and blue we now have green, pink, orange and black. Use a tiny splash of  the  black to create darker shades of your favourite colours, or use them on their own to create bright neon colours.

These dyes are suitable for speckling to create tiny dots of colour or mixing with water to create dye stocks to mix and blend to get your perfect colour! This yarn is intended for use on animal based yarns, and works best on sheep, alpaca and yak.

Dye is sold in individually wrapped 2oz pots.


Please note : these dyes are food grade chemical dyes, safe for use in your kitchen, and by children with adult supervision. They are colourfast and will stain clothing or surfaces.


These dyes are intended to be additional dyes for use with either the yarn dyeing kits or undyed yarn – see the whole range here

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Yarn Dye

Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Pink