Ten Poems about Sheep

Ten Poems about Sheep


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“For all that English literature has a centuries-old pastoral tradition, very few poets actually write about sheep, the beasts themselves who live out their short lives so we can fleece them of their flesh and wool. … I do hope that these ten poems about sheep will give readers a greater understanding and sympathy for a poorly understood and too often maligned animal.”

Neil Astley, Introduction to Ten Poems about Sheep

“The mothers have come back
From the shearing, and behind the hedge
The woe of sheep is like a battlefield…”

from ‘Sheep’ by Ted Hughes

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Christina Rossetti, ‘The Lambs of Grasmere’
David Scott, ‘Flanking Sheep in Mosedale’
Ted Hughes, ‘February 17th’
Ted Hughes, ‘Sheep’
Ted Hughes, ‘Bringing in new couples’
Gillian Clarke, ‘A Difficult Birth, Easter 1998′
Josephine Dickinson, ‘November’
Ruth Bidgood, ‘Sheep in the Hedge’
Jo Shapcott, ‘Lies’
Jo Shapcott, ‘Love Song with a Flock of Sheep’

Illustrated by Beth Krommes.