Make of the Week: A New Feature

Make of the Week: A New Feature
October 12, 2017 Daisy
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Devon Sun Yarns Make of teh week, a weekly blog post about creating, knitting adn crcheting with Devon Sun Yarns handdyed yarn

Often, people ask me how on earth I can bare to part with the yarn I have dyed, and if I feel sad about not being able to keep the best colourways for myself. Well, occasionally there’s a rather beautiful skein that catches my eye, but overall I absolutely love sending out colourful parcels all over the world, and letting them bring joy to others. But most of all what I love is seeing what people make with their yarn. I don’t have huge amounts of making time, and I am quite a practical person so my makes tend to be chosen based on need – a new hat for a cold head, a bigger jumper for a growing baby. But I still spend hours on Ravelry looking at wonderful patterns and admiring the things that are posted in Facebook groups that are being made.

Knitted shawl using Devon SUn Yarns merino nylon DK handdyed yarn

Each month, in the Devon Sun Yarnies facebook group, there is a thread where people post their makes, and I love looking at them. But I often want to know more, to find out about the maker, why they chose that project and what it meant to them. So I am starting a new feature which I hope will be weekly, but I cant promise.

Yarn dyed at a Devon Sun Yarns yarn retreat and made in to a crochet square by Dedri Uys

I would like to feature things which have been made using Devon Sun Yarns yarn – no matter how far into your stash you had to dive to retrieve it, or how big or small the project. I am looking for a wide variety of projects, not just shawls and accessories. I would also like to feature yarn you have dyed using a kit or at a retreat. All you need to do is email me at or send me a message on my facebook page Devon Sun Yarns and I will get back to you with details. I will need a few good quality, clear photos that show off your project at its best too.

A cosy hat from the new Wooland Woods Hat collection from Devon Sun Yarns and Alison White. 6 cosy knitted hat patterns for all the family.

I already have something wonderful lined up to kick us off with our first maker, which I cant wait to show you, but I am looking for more makes for future weeks  – so please get in touch with your Devon Sun Yarns makes so I can share them with everyone!  Don’t forget you can always browse the #devonsunyarns on Instagram for other makes too!