Capture my Craft : A new series

Capture my Craft : A new series
January 9, 2016 Daisy

Its a lovely thing, to make your creative hobby into a business. One of the best things about it for me is that I can be at home, working in my studio with my family really close by. But that means that a lot of it happens behind closed doors, away from customers, away from other crafters. The life of a crafter can be quite a solitary one, and sometimes, that exactly what appeals.

Capture my craft - a new hashtag for Instagram

But I am a crafter who loves to learn new crafts. I pick up handmade items and wonder  – what is the story of this pot? How was this tapestry made? What techniques were used to make this amazing fairisle jumper? I know that every object has its own story and many many hours of love and skill behind it. And I want to open up this space to find out some of those stories.

Handdyed Yarn

Over the next few weeks and months I am going to be sharing stories here from crafters around the world. Delving deeper into what it’s like to be a designer or maker, a crafter or creator. I am also inviting you to join with me and share your craft by joining in on instagram with #capturemycraft . Snap an image of your making, a work in progress or a finished object – or anything that captures something of your craft. and each week I will feature some of my favourites here on the blog.

Spoon Carving

I cant wait to find out what your craft involves – these are some of my favourites that have been shared on instagram this week.

Will you join in and share your craft this week?



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  1. Vanessa 4 years ago

    Hi I tried to sign up to your newsletter but it keeps saying that something went wrong! Found you via the create and thrive podcast. Vanessa

  2. Robert Hawkins 4 years ago

    Hi, So pleased you found me – sorry about the newsletter sign up, should be all sorted now! Daisy

  3. linda 4 years ago

    Just lovely! Coming from the starship and love your website 🙂

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