Looking ahead to a Creative Year- will you join me?

Looking ahead to a Creative Year- will you join me?
January 3, 2016 Daisy
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It’s such a lovely thing to do, to sit and plan and reflect in equal measure. Looking back at the year that saw me Kon Marie our home ( do it – its amazing!), get serious about only doing what I love, ( thanks to Shaas book Do Less Get More) and putting everything into building a business I totally believe in, I know that I am in a great place to plan for next year.  In 2015 I focused on yarns I love and on inspiring others to dye yarn, at retreats and through kits. I grew my business and found out  that I love helping others to grow theirs too. I rediscovered my love of photography through Instagram and found a way to weave my passion for writing into my business with this blog. And I am so thankful for all of it. My word for 2015 was ‘reduce’ and by reducing the things I didn’t love, i opened up my life to so many things that mattered so much more.

These quiet days of winter leave time and space for reflection, allowing us to get clear for the year ahead, and thinking of a new focus. I know next year will be about having more not less, but being intentional about those things — choosing only the things I want in my life and for my family. And right now that means community and sharing my creative journey with others. I have got so much from my creative friends and been so inspired by the wonderful community of creative entrepreneurs I have met over the last few years and 2016 is all about building on that. Seeking connection. Growing together.

Favourite makes from 2015

There will be more about how I dye yarns and how you can join me in a creative adventure with yarn and colour in a new blog series that will let you peep in the window of my studio ( you’ll have to excuse the state of the walls, that dye gets everywhere!)

Hand dyed Yarn

There will be more about what it’s like to combine a creative business where you just want to make and play and knit, with a need to make a real and meaningful contribution to our family income, and how I do that whilst homeschooling, and being present in the everyday family moments.

Yarn ALong : Inspire

There will be more about connecting. Joining together with other creatives who are moving along the same path. Sharing our makes, the business struggles and the beauty of our crafts. And I’ll be taking time to connect with my family in a more intentional way as we plan a summer of adventures.

Yarn Dyeing kit - getting ready!

I would love for you to join me in some of my plans. There’s a new but incredibly motivated facebook group for creative business owners who want to get intentional about having an awesome business, over at Inspire Create Do  where you can join our community of makers, writers and bloggers.

Capture my craft - a new hashtag for Instagram

And finally there will be a new weekly blog feature, for capturing crafts in a visual way. Over on Instagram I am hosting a new hashtag #capturemycraft where I hope you will join in tagging your photos of your creations and makes, perhaps a behind the scenes photo of what’s involved in your craft, or your finished makes. Share your skill and be inspired by others sharing what they are making. I will be featuring some of my favourites each week on the blog, and there will be a series of guest posts coming up from lovely people sharing their crafts too.

Let’s get intentional about an amazing, creative 2016! Who is with me?




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  1. Sheila 4 years ago

    Hi Daisy, what a lovely post! I am certainly with you. I have only recently discovered you and love your site and all your creativity. I am very keen to attend one of your retreats this year as it is a significant birthday year for me. I think the ones up on the site already are full so I am wondering if you will have others planned? I love the instagram idea too as sometimes being creative can feel a little lonely. Do I see a Co-Active Coaching book on your pile? I am a co-active coach in South East London. I hope 2016 will be a special year for you and your inspirational business and I look forward to meeting you sometime.

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